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Small Business Finance

There are many reasons why you may be considering applying for a small business loan. You may have an unexpected bill that you need covering, or perhaps you need to bridge the gap in your working capital. On the other hand, you may have some ambitious business expansion plans that require initial funding. Many businesses hear about the cash merchant advance after they have applied for a traditional bank loan and being turned away.

The cash merchant advance is a solution for small business finance requirements, but is very different to a traditional bank loan.

What's the difference?

A cash merchant advance does not require fixed and hefty monthly repayments. There are also no hidden fees with a cash merchant advance.

Essentially, the cash merchant advance is an advance on your future earnings. There are no fixed monthly repayments because a predetermined and small percentage of every customer payment in your business is used to automatically repay the advance.

Many businesses find this beneficial as it allows them to gradually repay the loan without needing to save to afford large sums of money at the end of every month, as with traditional bank loans.

What you can spend a cash merchant advance on

A cash merchant advance can be anything up to £150,000, and can be used to help your business in whatever way you see fit. This could be any of the following:

  • Purchasing a company vehicle. Perhaps you are a florist, or you may offer items that can now be delivered to a client’s address. The company vehicle can really expand your company services.
  • Investing in marketing. Marketing can cost a lot of money upfront, but can really help your business to receive a much-needed boost. Marketing can attract the right kind of customers to your business door and allows you to make more opportunities in your market.
  • Opening a business location. Perhaps you are a business that currently operates from home, and you would like to make that step to opening a physical shop location. A business location needs to have the right amount of investment in order to pay for the rent and transform the building into something that represents your brand.
  • Invest in new stock. Sometimes you can receive a really good deal if you buy in bulk. However, if your working capital does not stretch to a larger payment like this, a cash merchant advance can help you to afford the difference and therefore get extra value for money out of your stock.
  • Training new staff. Expanding your team can be expensive, but with the extra finance from a cash merchant advance, you can afford to hire extra staff that will enable your business to successfully grow.

With E merchant cash advance, you can apply using a quick and simple application form. Once successful, the funds can be in your bank account within as little as 14 days.