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Short Term Business Loans

Many businesses require short-term business loan solutions in order to fund vital business plan that current working capital cannot stretch to.

In the last few years, we have seen many businesses in the UK struggle to stay afloat due to the rising cost of living and the difficulty in reaching the right type of customers which can maintain a level of profit. However, with short-term business loan solutions from E erchant cash advance, you can gain short-term business finance that allows you to invest in vital business plans to help keep your business blooming.

You can use the extra finance to invest in marketing, recruiting new staff, open a second business location or perhaps buy a company vehicle. Many businesses use the vital extra cash to invest in advertising, which can be costly but really does pay off in the long run to help reach the right clientele for your business. You may choose to launch a telemarketing campaign, or perhaps you would like to invest in web advertising or a redesign of your website.

However, many companies also use the valuable short-term business loans from Emerchant cash advance to bridge the gap in cash flow problems. Perhaps you have received an unexpected bill which you cannot afford, or maybe you have a need to boost your working capital in order to get through the rest of the financial year. Whatever your reasons for needing this cash boost, a cash merchant advance is a flexible and ideal alternative to a traditional bank loan.

What makes a cash merchant advance different?

A cash merchant advance is a short-term unsecured business loan which allows you to unlock your future earning potential. There are no fixed monthly repayment fees or hidden costs with a cash merchant advance, and all repayments are automatically deducted from your customer payments in your business. A small and predetermined percentage of each customer payments is used to repay the loan. You can keep track of how much you have repaid using simple online accounts that you can access at any time.

What is unique about this short-term business finance is that small businesses who have been trading for just a year and make more than £3500 a month can apply for this loan. These businesses have probably been turned down elsewhere, particularly by high-street banks who would find the businesses too risky to invest in.

Industries that have benefited from cash merchant advance business loans

Many different businesses can apply for this particular type of loan. This includes MOT centres, pubs, butchers, opticians, hotels, restaurants, shops and many other businesses. To find out if you qualify for a cash merchant advance, contact us today.