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Restaurant Loans

If you are a business owner for a restaurant, you will know how difficult it is to find extra cash to pay for essential or pressing business matters when your cash flow is already very tight.

But the truth is, many businesses are finding it difficult to locate extra cash or capital to afford vital business plans. As a result, some businesses are not able to expand or grow successfully and others have ceased trading completely.

There are many reasons that your restaurant may need an extra financial boost. If you are a relatively new restaurant in the market, there are many set up costs that will require a boost of extra capital. You may need to refurbish premises, or you may need to train extra staff. On the other hand, you may be a restaurant that is looking to expand and open a second restaurant location elsewhere. This all requires a good amount of working capital so that you can continue to expand and grow as a successful business.

How cash merchant advance solutions differ from traditional loans

Traditional loans are very rigid and structured in their approach to lending. This means that many restaurants would not be able to qualify for a loan from a traditional bank, leaving them without the valuable extra cash that they need for vital business improvements. However, with a restaurant business cash advance from Emerchant cash advance, you can apply for an unsecured loan in a quick and simple application form that offers flexible repayments based on your future earnings.

Unlocking your future earning potential

A restaurant business cash advance works by unlocking your future earning potential. Each time a customer pays your business after they have finished eating at your restaurant, a small percentage of their payment will automatically be used to repay the advance that you were given from Emerchant cash advance. This is an innovative and flexible way of lending, as it means that you can repay the advance quickly and easily without struggling to meet fixed monthly repayments that can often have high interest rates.

Other benefits of this cash advance include:

  • No penalties or hidden charges
  • Funds are delivered within weeks of a successful application
  • Easy application process -quicker than applying for traditional bank loans
  • Ideal financial solution for many businesses, including not just restaurants but also hair dressers, chemists, butchers, off-licences, clothes stores, florists, hotels, pubs and many more.
  • Businesses that are just a year old and can prove they bring in more than £3500 worth of business can apply.