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Are UK businesses too reliant on banks?

In years gone by, SME’s were able to set up a new business or invest in some much needed improvements to an established company with a brief chat to the bank manager to discuss the overview of their business plan. However in the wake of the recent recession which saw banks freeze lending to many entrepreneurs seeking hotel or restaurant finance for example, would-be business owners have been forced to research alternative methods to get their ideas off the ground or postpone expansion of their business.

UK businesses currently rely upon the bank for 80% of their funding, in comparison to only 30% in the USA, and with a continued uncertainty in our country’s banking system, business owners have even been looking to their personal accounts to fund their business dreams. Despite this, a staggering 67% of businesses are predicting significant growth in the next 2-3 years, so it would seem that the UK economy is finally on the up. Now has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to collaborate and consider alternative methods of finance such as short term business loans that are not secured to their homes or the increasingly popular merchant cash advance.

The merchant cash advance is a simple and easy to understand finance option, that allows entrepreneurs to release funds directly from their business to fund growth, expansion, refurbishment, or to resolve debts quickly and easily. The recent lending freeze to companies looks as if it is set to stay for some time, and so merchant cash advances may provide the perfect solution to allow owners the ability to instantly access the capital in their business and ride the wave of the boost in the economy at a time where they may otherwise be forced to postpone the expansion of their business.


The merchant cash advance is simple and works by providing businesses with up to 75% of their monthly debit and credit card income without worrying about unmanageable loan repayments. The advance company will automatically take a percentage of all future debit or credit card sales as repayment for the advance as agreed with the business owner until the advance is repaid. There are no hidden clauses and this simple short term solution can be spread over 2-5 years to enable the business owner the much needed time to relax and focus on expanding their empire.